6.1. Push-Pull Props

  • csm_SchraegstuetzenIdeal for supporting and adjusting precast components and wall formwork
  • Universal, rapid fastening thanks to meaningful accessories
  • Safe in use due to the limiting device against unscrewing the individual parts
  • Handles for turning always at a convenient height
  • Smooth adjustments thanks to robust trapezoidal threading
  • Extension range possible from 1.80 m to over 20 m
The ROBUSTA push-pull prop system has proven itself over many years of use in practice. The ROBUSTA prop system provides 3 types of supports resistant to both tensile and compressive forces for all cases where support for precast components and system formwork is needed – including steel construction work. Standard accessory parts that make sense, such as various end articulations, facilitate great flexibility and ease of assembly besides generating savings on time and a great margin of safety.

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