Berlin, office building, GSW Kochstraße

ROBUSTA-special formwork adapted to the shape of thick
steel sheets

Special solution:
- sections with multiple radius to protect the steel construction
against fire
- completely with working platform and ladder

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Berlin, railway station Südkreuz Papestraße

ROBUSTA-special formwork with mushroom- head

Special solution:
- Large outer diameter
- no special scaffolding construciton necessary
- pouring in one step

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Stuttgart, Arge Mercedes-Benz-Museum

New construction: ROBUSTA-angle cone

Special solution:
- the angle for anchoring through the wall can be adapted
continuously between 45° und 90°
- easy and careful removing with fitting removing tool
- clean visible concrete surface because of fitting fine grained
concrete cone to glue into circular opening

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Berlin, Office Building Breite Straße

ROBUSTA-working platforms

Special solution:
- complete technical planning of the safety precautions
- planning of the anchoring points
- curved exterior walls partly with pier facades

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Mödling nearby Vienna, parking deck

ROBUSTA-special casing with mushroom-head

Special solution:
- Excellent exposed concrete surface

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