Push-pull-props: General information

  • usable everywhere with an adjustment range of 1.80 m to more than 20.0 m
  • ideal for supporting and adjusting prefab elements and wall formwork
  • universal and quick fixing possibilities with suitable accessories
  • safe in using because of built in protection against unscrewing
  • turnable handles for adjustment at convenient height
  • easy adjusting because of durable trapezoidal thread

The ROBUSTA-push-pull-prop system has proved itself in practice for many years. For all possible cases to support prefab elements, standard system formwork and in steel construction this system offers 3 types of props for traction and pressure forces.
Because of the suitable accessory parts like different end hinges, you get high flexibility, saving of time, easy mounting and last but not least a high level of security.

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–> push-pull-props Type M/R

–> push-pull-props Type S

–> push-pull-props Type BKS