ROBUSTA-angle-cone: General information

  • the angle for anchoring through the wall can be adapted continuously between 45° and 90°
  • enormous saving of time and money because of easy fitting
  • after removing the casing the basic cone is easy to take out with our special removing tool
  • independent to the angle of anchoring through the wall there will always result a circular opoening after removing the basic cone
  • this opening can be closed easily with our ROBUSTA-fine grained concrete cone
  • a clean visible concrete surface is guaranteed
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Angle-cone and accessories


Angle cone

2-part, for anchoring angles from 45° to 90°

Item No. Part
511845 angle cone, complete
511846 basic cone, recoverable
511847 head piece, non-recoverable



Removing tool

for careful removing of the basic-cone

Item No. Weight [kg/unit]
511899 1,08

Fine grained concrete cones

to glue in the conical deepening after removing the installed part,
concrete cover 15 or 30 mm

Item No. For concrete cover
109950 15 mm
109930 30 mm


to glue in fine grained concrete cones (1 kg - 40 cones)

Item No. Component
109931 A + B