Nuts: General information

The hexagonal nuts are suitable for welding and are used preferred for steel fomwork.

Flange nuts made of tempered cast are in inexpensive solution for minor loads, usable for the production of connecting bolts, for example.

Weldable flange nuts: For the transmission of the full load of the tie rod the continuous lengthof the welding seam is not sufficient. Therefor the weldable flange nut with a bigger contour has to be used. Because of the contour length the necessary welding seam for an anchoring load of 90 kN ist guaranteed.
When planning it has to be considered, that the connected steel element can withstand the load.
Statical indication available on request.

Couplers: For connection and extension of tie rods we offer nuts with center pin in diameters from 15.0 to 26.5 mm. Therefore it is guaranteed, that both ends of the tie rods will be screwed in with the correct and identical measurement at the back stop.
At the big tie rod diameters 32.0 and 36.0 mm and the according heavy loads the installation of a center pin ist not possible bacause of the notch effect.
Here the correct screwing depth has to be controlled on both sides with markings at the tie rods.



Hexagonal nuts


Hexagonal nut

steel, weldable, raw material

Item No. Ø [mm] SW [mm] Länge [mm]
511565 15,0 30 30
511552 15,0 30 50
511554 15,0 30 70
512050 20,0 36 60
512650 26,5 46 60

Hexagonal flange nut Ø 15 mm

tempered cast, raw material

Item No. SW [mm] Length [mm]
511564 30 20

Weldable flange nut


Weldable flange nut Ø 15 mm

forged, raw material

Item No. Gewicht [kg/Stck.]
511558 0,13



Coupler with centering pin

steel, weldable, raw material

Item No. Ø [mm] SW [mm] Length [mm]
511556 15,0 30 103
512051 20,0 36 110
512652 26,5 46 150


steel, weldable, raw material

Item No. Ø [mm] Length [mm]
513251 32,0 180
513651 36,0 220

Concrete anchor and rock anchor: General information

With help of these dowels it is possible to anchor the tie rods subsequently with up to 100% of the admissible load of 90 kN. The premises for that are that the concrete strength and the measurements of the concrete elements are sufficient.

As the stability of the anchorage often cannot be stated exactly, we recommend to install the dowel using a hollow plunger. So the dowel can be spread with strong force inside the bore hole, also the bearing load can be proved from free doubt.
Test reports available on request.



Concrete- and rock anchor


Concrete anchor Ø 15 mm

with official approval

Item No. Length [mm] Adm. load [kN]
121526 100 90

Rock anchor Ø 15 mm

with 2-part extended sleeve

Item No. Length [mm] Adm. load [kN]
121522 110 90