Hot-rolled thread

In concrete and formwork construction the formwork anchors have proved themselves because of the practical robust DYWIDAG-coarse thread.
For the use on site the hot-rolled tie bars with the so called "self-cleaning" thread are preferred. When turning the nut on the tie bar sticking rests of concrete are removed an can trickle off through the free space, which results from the flattening at the tie rod on both sides.

Please  note, that the hot-rolled tie rods may not be heated, bent or stressed with shear loads!


Threaded tie rod D&W, hot-rolled

not weldable

Item No. Ø [mm] Version
511500 15,0 raw material
511700 15,0 galvanized
512000 20,0 raw material
512600 26,5 raw material
513200 32,0 raw material
513600 36,0 raw material

Turning wrench

only for hot-rolled tie rods D&W Ø 15 mm

Item No. Weight [kg/unit]
511567 0,90