Cold-rolled thread

Alternatively the tie rods with cold rolled thread can be used. These can be distinguished from the hot rolled tie rod easily by the revolving thread profile. This type of tie rod is less critical when using. This material is weldable under certain conditions, also shearing loads and bending stress are possible. Because of these mentioned reasons this type is used preferred in prefab element plants and steel formwork manufacturers.  

Delivery: we keep all diameters on stock in lengths of at least 6,00 m.  
The special advantage for you:   When ordering shortened tie bars the cutting edges will get a strong chamfering in a second working step. By this the nuts can be turned more easy and the tie rods will not bulge that much, when striking with a hammer on to the ends.


Threaded tie rod D&W, cold rolled

weldable and bendable under certain conditions

Item No. Ø [mm]
512100 20,0
512700 26,5

Turning wrench

für hot-rolled D&W-tie rods Ø 15 and cold-rolled D&W-tie rods Ø 20 mm

Item No. Weight [kg/unit]
511568 0,90