Robusta-MULTI-footbridge: general information

  • Safe stepping across the abyss, from the building to the crane or from slab to slab across an inner courtyard
  • Basic element L = 3.00 m, optional coupling possible to longer footbridges, clear width of passage 1.25 m
  • Quick mounting, safe and quick moving
  • Non-slip floor and resistance to fouling floor made of galvanized steel
  • High stability because of the two side protection rails which are working statical lattice girders
  • Admissible area load 1.5 kN/m2 with a free span width up to 9.0 m without support
  • Also usable as an escape path with a higher admissible area load of 2.0 kN/m2, admissible length 6.0 . without support
  • Pivoting cover plate optional on both ends to adjust different levels of height, no step, therefore also good for wheelbarrows
  • Foldable edge protection railing and stackable footbridges for a space saving transport
  • All connecting parts are included, no tool adjustment and improvisation necessary with wooden boards on site
  • Usable for new buildings or repair works
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MULTI-footbridge and accessories



galvanized, foldable

Item No. Sizes L x B x H [mm] Weight [kg/unit]
370300 3100 x 1600 x 1360 315,00

Pivoting cover plate

as ramp for MULTI-footbridge
(fixing bolts included)

Item No. Weight [kg/unit]
370303 22,0


for MULTI-foodbridge, for the use as escape path
(fixing bolts included)

Item No. Weight [kg/unit]
370304 8,0