ROBUSTA-UNI forming cross: General information

    • logical planned system: 1 basic element usable for doors and windows
    • continuous unlimited possibilities of adjustment
    • also usable for stiffening of large slab break throughs
    • portable in mounted condition, therefore saving costs of material, also when encasing
    • non-destructive encasing with the according forming corners
    • removing complete with casing face – separate changing not necessary
    • no more improvising on site
    • modular connectable in 4 directions for wall openings in any measurement
    • always reusable
    • usable for a wall thicknesses from 16 to 36 cm
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    UNI forming cross


    UNI forming cross

    to produce cut outs for doors and windows

    Item No. Sizes [m]
    214128 0,65 - 1,28

    Forming corner

    please indicate wall thickness

    Item No. for wall thickness [cm]
    214116 16
    214120 20
    214125 25
    214130 30

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    ROBUSTA-Flex forming tube and -box: General information

    • regainable and reusable casing for multiple use
    • for round and rectangular casings
    • to produce inexpensive cut outs and break throughs in girders, walls and ceilings
    • simple fixings with centric nut
    • clean sealing and chamfered edge of concrete because of fixed three edge sealing rubber on both sides
    • quick non-destructive removing
    • simple cleaning because of removable sealing rubber
    • no parts remaining in the concrete – no danger of corrosion because of rust


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    FLEX forming tube and -box


    FLEX-forming box

    to produce rectangle cut outs, recoverable

    Item No. Sizes
    216020 acc. to statement

    FLEX-forming tube

    to produce round cut outs, recoverable

    Item No. Sizes
    216010 acc. to statement