ROBUSTA-threaded sleeves and accessories: General information

  • approved solutions with years of experience
  • cost-effective non-recoverable installation parts
  • universal system for anchoring of tie rods for formwork and bolts for anchoring and transportation purposes
  • installation into slabs and base plates and walls
  • for in-situ and precast concrete work
  • 4 anchor diameters available, according to Dywidag-formwork system from Ø 15.0 to Ø 36.0 mm
  • bigger diameters Ø 50 and Ø 60 mm with special bolts for tubbing-transport available
  • length of anchoring sleeves according to construction measurements, selectable according to your needs
  • permissible service loads from 5.0 kN to 60.0 kN
  • extensive accessories of hexagonal and transportation bolts
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    –> installation-kits D&W 15.0 mm

    –> installation-kits D&W 20.0 mm

    –> installation-kits D&W 26.5 mm