Available now: ROBUSTA-MULTI-footbridge


After presenting our MULTI-footbridge during the BAUMA 2016 we received many suggestions and therefore we were able to improve the construction. Now it went into mass production.
The use of the footbridge guarantees a safe stepping across the abyss to buildings or from slab to slab across an inner courtyard.
Because of the folded side protection rail the footbridge is easy to transport and easily mounted on the spot.
It guarantees high stability with a free span width up to 9,00 m without support.
Also a pivoting cover plate optional on both ends, to adjust different levels of height, no step, therefore also good for the use with wheelbarrows.
Also usable as an escape path.
Non-slip floor and resistance to fouling floor made of galvanized steel (see photo) guarantees for higher safety.
To produce dangerous passages on sites with a lot of phantasy can be avoided.
In the meantime the first MULTI-footbridge has been delivered and installed.

It was used also in combination with our step.

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