Solar engergy finances redevelopment of the roof


Since September 2013 also the roofs of our 3 elderly production halls are set with solar cells.
These roofs were approx. 45 years old, thus bad insulated and had to be redeveloped urgently.
We reckoned that the energy prices will not be reduced, and also we could be of help for the environment.
The new roof consists of sandwich-elements, which are insulated with 16 cm thick mineral wool, one of the best solutions for insulation of buildings which is presently on the market. Also new smoke outlet flaps and light sources have been installed.
The savings effect for the heating costs is estimated with up to 60%.
Together with the 20% savings of the energy costs it is an investment that will help the environment, will reduce the energy costs and give the possibility for a better calculation.
On a roof area of 3.600 m² there are after all cells of 183 kWp, which produce energy of nearly 200.000 kWh per year.
Already in October 2013 we achieved nearly 11.000 kWh solar energy with the new system, from which we used nearly 60% as calculated.