ROBUSTA-anchoring-set for foundations: General information

  • optimal system for anchoring of all types of steel construction, high-rack warehouses and prefabricated parts with construction supervision approval
  • anchoring system designed for practical use made of tension rods allowing centimeter tolerances in concrete construction and millimeter tolerances in steel construction
  • modern force application using thrust interlocking, no cumbersome foundation bars
  • no costly welding jobs necessary
  • permissible tensile forces form 15 kN to 400 kN per casted tie rod
  • fast installation as a 2- or multiple set
  • high level of installation safety due to complete accessory package for correct mounting
  • all necessary single parts delivered form on supplier
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With the ROBUSTA-anchoring-sets we offer everyone involved in construction the possibility of a clerarly defined and economical system that is reliable and designed for your practical needs in the critical interface between concrete construction and steel construction.
As a first step, shaped sleeve tubes are embedded into the base plate or into the foundation. Experience has shown that an installation tolerance up to 10 cm ist possible!
After the rough work is complete the tie rods with anchor plates are precisely measured and cast in the tubes.
The dimensions of the tubes and anchor plates are synchronized, so that a lateral play of +/- 1.5 cm or more is present.
Because of the entire delivery package is available from ROBUSTA-GAUKEL with the necessary installation aids and templates, identifications and casting mortar, there is no more need for improvisation on the construction site. Time consuming template supports built on-site unnecessary.

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